Zoë Griffin Acupuncture
Sacramento, California

Specializing in Pain Management, Women’s Health, Fertility, & Pregnancy

As a practitioner of Chinese medicine, Zoë Griffin uses acupuncture, herbal medicine, therapeutic massage, craniosacral, and nutritional guidance to treat a wide variety of internal health concerns. Musculoskeletal pain conditions, women's health issues, fertility challenges for both men and women, and pregnancy symptoms can all benefit from Zoë's holistic approach. In addition to gentle acupuncture treatments, Zoë assists her patients in making lifestyle choices that support optimal health, such as practicing yoga, martial arts, or other meditation and exercise; maintaining healthy nutrition, including vitamin and herbal supplementation when appropriate; and nurturing personal and community relationships. Call now for a complimentary phone consultation to find out if acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can benefit your condition.
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