More About Zoë

Photo of Zoë standing in doorway

After completing my Bachelors Degree at UC Santa Cruz, I had the honor of receiving my Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the prestigious Five Branches University. I am now nearing my 20th year of practicing traditional Chinese medicine! 

My acupuncture practice is more than just a livelihood to me; it is how I live my life. It’s about the connections I help make every time I sit with someone in need of my services. The relationships I have made in the community through years of acupuncture practice in Sacramento are a valuable gift. 

Since moving to Sacramento in 2009 I have seen thousands of patients, and I can confidently say that I have helped many folks in this community to improve their quality of life. I’ve assisted many people with infertility challenges and supported them through healthy pregnancies, births, and postpartums. In addition, I have treated a wide variety of ailments and injuries, with an emphasis on musculoskeletal pain management, women’s health, and emotional wellness. I am deeply grateful to my practice for giving me the gift of a nurturing and reciprocal service. 

These days I can usually be found in the clinic enjoying patient care, on the mat training Brazilian JiuJitsu with a community for whom I have immense appreciation, or enjoying time with my family: my husband John, who is also an acupuncturist, our two young children (two the greatest teachers I’ve ever known), and my parents, who live locally and are actively a part of our lives. 

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