What To Expect

Doctor checking patient's pulse

A trained acupuncturist diagnoses and treats the whole body, not just the symptoms. 

Symptoms are part of a greater picture that includes one’s constitution, dietary and lifestyle choices, emotional state, musculoskeletal condition, and environmental and seasonal factors; “symptoms” are the physical manifestation of the sum of imbalances. An acupuncturist reaches a diagnosis by considering all of these factors, and also uses the rich and subtle systems of Chinese pulse and tongue diagnosis which provide insight into the state of each individual’s meridians and vital organs.

Acupuncture points are selected according to the patient’s patterns of disharmony to reestablish the free flow of healthy Qi, so the body can naturally go about healing itself.  Hair-fine needles are then gently inserted at these points along the meridian. The needles are single-use and sterile. Unlike hypodermic needles, they are thin, flexible, and generally painless. The patient then rests while the needles remain until the session ends. Most patients find acupuncture treatments deeply relaxing.

Your first session will be 90 minutes and is focused on getting to know you, gathering a comprehensive health history, and understanding your health concerns and goals. This also leaves plenty of time for your first treatment.

Following treatments will be 60 minutes in length. Included in this time will be an opportunity to discuss your progress and any new or changing concerns you may have, followed by a treatment.

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